Come see the Windows Server team at RSA 2017

Are you going to the RSA Conference in San Francisco on Feb 13th-17th? Microsoft is proud to be a sponsor for another year for one of the largest cybersecurity events in the world. Stop by the Microsoft Infrastructure Security booth (#N3501) where we will have multiple demo stations. Our team Continue Reading

Fortinet at RSA 2017

RSA 2017 is here. IoT and the cloud have had a major impact on the security industry over the past year, and we expect that vendors will be out in force touting their new solutions. The challenge, of course, is that many of these tools and devices will operate in Continue Reading

Cloudflare Crypto Meetup #5: February 28, 2017

Come join us on Cloudflare HQ in San Francisco on Tuesday, Febrary 28, 2017 for another cryptography meetup. We again had a great time at the last one, we decided to host another. It’s becoming a pattern. We’ll start the evening at 6:00p.m. with time for networking, followed up with Continue Reading

How To Reduce IT Costs With Parallels Remote Application Server

To optimize resources in an era of shrinking  IT budgets, IT network administrators are finding that there are many advantages to implementing a comprehensive virtualization solution. Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) is a leading provider of virtual application and delivery solutions. These solutions are the best way to reduce IT Continue Reading

Five tips to choose the right payment method to grow your online store

The popularity of an online shop amongst consumers depends increasingly on the selection of payment methods available. At the end of an order process, customers want a selection of payment methods that they like to use and that are both simple and practical. Customers will only complete a purchase and Continue Reading

“The king is dead, long live the king”: Our Paxos-based consensus

In this blog post, we will describe our Paxos-based solution, named eXtended COMmunications, or simply XCOM, which is a key component in the MySQL Group Replication. XCOM is responsible for disseminating transactions to MySQL instances that are members in a group and for managing their membership. Its key functionalities are: Continue Reading

Our Big Frontend Plan Revealed

The Frontend at GitLab is getting better and better every day. Today we did two big things, and I’d like to share them with you and our big plans for the future. If you use the GDK, then make sure you update it! If you have no idea what I Continue Reading

MailEnable Version 9.60 Release

RSS: MailEnable Version 9.60 Release MailEnable version 9.60 for Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Premium Editions is available for download from the MailEnable Web Site. The following change list outlines changes in version 9.60: RECENT CHANGES ADD: IMAP provides STARTTLS support ADD: IMAP provides LOGINDISABLED support (to force clients to authenticate Continue Reading

4 Mistakes That Make You Lose Money With Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment costs online merchants trillions of dollars worldwide. There’s no such thing as a 0% shopping cart abandonment rate. But by applying the best practices in cart recovery, you can convert one out of four lost shoppers into sales. How? Learn from some of the most common mistakes online Continue Reading